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34-year old Phineas Flynn returned home from hard day of work, happy the day was almost over.

"Hey sweetie." Isabella Flynn said softly as she greeted her husband with a sweet kiss.

"You look tired." She commented, a hint of concern in her eyes.

Phineas shrugged. "Just from the long day that's all, but I'm glad I'm home."

"I'm glad your home too."

They wandered into the kitchen where something delicious was cooking.

"Wha'cha making?" Phineas asked happily.

"Pork." She said, stirring what looked like sauce.

Phineas scrunched his nose playfully.

"I like beef better."

Isabella rolled her eyes.

"I think you can suffer for one dinner."

Phineas walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"I suppose so."

He was about to stick his finger in the sauce but Isabella slapped it away.

"No touchy touchy until dinner." She demanded with a giggle.

"Yes ma'am." He answered and kissed her on the nose.

"Daddy!" Said a girl with fiery red hair that was pulled into pigtails and her head was shaped like Isabella's.

"Hey Scarlet." Phineas laughed as he picked her up into a hug.

"Hehe, look, I dyed Gavin's hair!" She squealed.

Isabella gasped as Gavin walked in, his natural black hair was drenched in red paint, and so was his face.

Phineas chuckled. "I like it batter that way."

"I like black batter." Isabella muttered as she started wiping Gavin's face clean.

"You gotta admit its pretty funny." Phineas giggled.

Isabella shot him a look that said 'don't encourage her'.

Phineas grew serious and cleared his throat.

"Yes well, make sure you don't do it again ok Scarlet?"

Scarlet sighed. "Ok Daddy."

"Ugh, it will take forever to get this paint out of your hair. Go take a shower and lets see if that helps." Isabella said.

"Yes Mom." Gavin said dryly and started to walk upstairs, but not before sticking his tongue out at his sister.

"How about you go out and play while Gavin is cleaning up." Isabella suggested to her daughter.

"Ok!" With that Scarlet ran out the door.

Phineas shrugged. "That's why I only wanted a boy."

Isabella scoffed with a smile." I would much rather prefer all girls."

"Well, while they are busy, wanna watch TV?" Phineas asked hopefully.


They sat together and Phineas started switching channels.

A reality TV popped up Isabella told him to stop. "Lets watch that."

"Reality TV? What about a cartoon."

"Not right now."


"Oh wait! I forgot the sauce!" Isabella exclaimed, already to the kitchen.

Phineas sighed and switched off the TV.

"Phineas, could you see how Gavin is doing, dinner is ready."

"Sure dear." Phineas replied and walked upstairs.

He walked into the room and saw Gavin, his hair back to normal, playing with his turtle.

"Com'on Sunshine, you're supposed to roll-over." Gavin said to the turtle, which didn't acknowledge the 6-year old at all.

"Sunshine bein' stubborn?" Phineas asked as he walked in.

"Yah, he won't do anything. I would much prefer a puppy, but Mommy doesn't want one." Gavin said sadly as he put Sunshine away.

Phineas did agree, he would like a puppy very much, but he wouldn't get into that argument with Isabella again.

"Don't you like Sunshine?" Phineas asked his child.

"Of course I do, but he does NOTHING."

"Maybe we can fix that someday." The father said with a smile.


"Well, it's time for dinner."

Gavin nodded and they walked downstairs, Isabella and Scarlet waiting at the table.

After dinner the kids settled down at the TV for a few hours.

Around 8:30, Isabella started to yawn.

Phineas took that as a sign and turned the TV off.

"Awww." Both kids complained.

"Time for you guys to go to bed." Phineas said quietly.

The couple put their kids to bed, happy there was no fuss.

They made their way to their room.

Phineas had put on his blue pajamas while Isabella put on her pink.

"Want to listen to a little music before we go to bed?" Isabella asked.

Phineas nodded, a happy smile on his face.

"Lets see." Isabella took some CDs off the shelf and said them aloud.

"There's hip hop, no. Rock, no. Rap, no way. Country-"

"How about country?" Phineas asked while crossing his legs on the bed.

"Eh, I'm more in the mood for contemporary."

"But those are so slow."

"Country is too fast."

"Not all of it."

"Most of it."

Phineas looked at his wife for a minute and then chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"You know, we don't have a lot alike."

Isabella thought about this for the first time.

"Is that… bad?"

Phineas chuckled again and pulled her onto the bed, hugging her close.

"No, it just means we are individual."

He kissed her forehead and she snuggled into his chest.

"Is that going to be a problem?"

"No, no its not."

"How do you think?"

"Because we were made for each other."
I was bored, and I didn't have time to write a full chapter of What If or something.

Based off the song Made for Me by TobyMac.

:la: you go TobyMac!


Phineas and Isabella (c) Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swmapy" Marsh
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